Democrat pollster Nate Silver just gave Democrats the ugly truth about Biden’s reelection prospects

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Joe Biden’s Presidency is in real trouble, and conditions seem to be worsening by the day.

What was once mere nervousness among Democrats has escalated into a full-blown panic.

Now Democrat pollster Nate Silver just gave Democrats the ugly truth about Biden’s reelection prospects, and leftists are in full-scale panic mode.

Joe Biden has been giving Democrats heartburn for a while.

Every time he shuffles, falls, mumbles, or loses his train of thought, the worries on the political Left tend to worsen.

Now, a prominent pollster widely respected in Democrat circles is sounding the alarm about impending Democrat doom.

Silver: “Biden’s situation has become considerably worse”

Nate Silver, former editor-in-chief of polling analysis site FiveThirtyEight, wrote in his newsletter, “If you’d asked me a year ago, I would have told you that Joe Biden was a reasonably clear favorite in the event of a rematch against Donald Trump.  But Biden’s situation has become considerably worse.”

Silver says that he began to have doubts about his previous estimation of Biden’s prospects last summer.

That’s when he noticed, “Biden’s approval numbers remained poor even as the economy was improving.”

Silver attributes that fact to Biden’s age.

He’s also warning Democrats to take off the political blinders.

He added, “If you’re someone who would rather not see Trump re-elected again or who cares about the election for other reasons, it’s time to face the facts. You need to adjust to the new reality and not be mired in anchoring bias by your previous impression of the race.”

Silver cited persistent polling showing Biden losing to Trump in the swing states, Biden having fewer “outs” or contingencies to help his prospects, and that 86 % of Americans believe he is too old in recent polling as obstacles that have worsened Biden’s situation in the past year.

He referenced Biden’s seeming inability to habitually engage in public appearances and interviews, suggesting that Biden’s refusal to take part in the traditional Super Bowl interview was probably due to concerns about his ability.

Silver continued, “It is a reason for Democrats to be the adults in the room and acknowledge that someone who can’t sit through a Super Bowl interview isn’t someone the public can trust to have the physical and mental stamina to handle an international crisis, terrorist attack, or some other unforeseen threat when he’ll be in his mid-80s.”

He then issued a challenge to the White House, saying, “Here’s what I’d propose. Over the course of the next several weeks, Biden should do four lengthy sitdown interviews with ‘non-friendly’ sources. ‘Non-friendly’ doesn’t mean hostile: nonpartisan reporters with a track record of asking tough questions would work great. A complete recording of the interviews should be made public. The interviews ought to include a mix of different media (e.g. television and print) and journalistic perspectives.”

Silver: If Biden can’t do the bare minimum, “It’s awfully audacious to ask Americans to make him President for another four years”

He concluded with, “If Biden was willing to take five hours to speak with Hur, he ought to take five hours for this. And if he can’t, it’s awfully audacious to ask Americans to make him President for another four years.”

On that last point, Silver is spot on.

Biden became President after embarking on a basement strategy amid massive changes in how elections were conducted during a pandemic in 2020.

Now, with the pandemic over, Biden owes it to the voters to show up, campaign, and fight for the Presidency just as Trump, Obama, and Bush did before him.

If he can’t or won’t do it, he simply doesn’t deserve to be President.

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