Democrat judge who thought he got the last laugh on Trump was just hit with the surprise of his life

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Political hacks around the country have been engaging in lawfare against Donald Trump.

The worst cases have taken place in New York City.

And one Democrat judge who thought he got the last laugh on Trump was just hit with the surprise of his life.

Elise Stefanik calling for an investigation

Democrat-appointed Judge Juan Merchan went out of his way to stack the deck in favor of Manhattan Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The George Soros-backed Bragg charged Donald Trump with the sham crime of falsifying business documents, and Judge Merchan allowed him to get away with it.

Merchan was allegedly “randomly” assigned the Trump case by the New York court system, even though he had already presided over other Trump-related cases.

That’s why Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) filed a complaint with the New York State Unified Court System over the claim that Merchan was randomly assigned the hush money case.

Congresswoman Stefanik wrote, “If justices were indeed being randomly assigned in the Criminal Term, the probability of two specific criminal cases being assigned to the same justice is quite low, and the probability of three specific criminal cases being assigned to the same justice is infinitesimally small. . .And yet, we see Acting Justice Merchan on all three cases.”

Merchan is set to preside over criminal cases against the Trump Organization and former Trump White House Advisor Steve Bannon, which seems like a statistical improbability.

Stefanik added, “One cannot help but suspect that the ‘random selection’ at work in the assignment of Acting Justice Merchan, a Democrat Party donor, to these cases involving prominent Republicans, is in fact not random at all.”

Democrat operative Judge Merchan

Merchan donated to President Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign, as well as other left-wing groups with the explicit goal of resisting Trump.

On top of that, Merchan’s daughter works for a Democrat political consulting company that has raised millions of dollars off the Trump trial for clients such as Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Yet Americans are supposed to believe all of this is on the level.

Stefanik’s letter called for the Inspector General for the Court System to investigate how Merchan ended up presiding over all of these Trump-connected cases.

Merchan previously slapped Trump with an unconstitutional gag order to prevent him from talking about these glaring biases publicly because he and the Democrats do not want people to see what’s really going on here.

This comes in light of Stefanik filing an ethics complaint against Merchan for having a conflict of interest in the Trump case as a result of his daughter’s political role.

“Acting Judge [Juan] Merchan is in clear violation of section 100.3(E)(1)(d)(iii) of the Rules of Judicial Conduct for the New York State Unified Court System as his family has enriched itself through anti-Trump fundraising mentioning this case directly,” Stefanik argued.

Stefanik added, “The idea that he is in a position to preside over this trial fairly would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. . .The naked corruption on display in Judge Merchan’s courtroom isn’t only a threat to President Trump, but a threat to our justice system and democracy.”

New York created a kangaroo court for Donald Trump’s trial by installing a rabid Democrat partisan to preside over arguably the worst criminal case ever brought forth.

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