Deion Sanders is crying in the corner after Saturday Night Live completely shredded him in this hilarious skit

Photo by Michael J. Cargill, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

At the beginning of the college football season, Deion Sanders could do no wrong.

But the hype bubble burst as Colorado kept losing critical games.

Now Deion Sanders is crying in the corner after Saturday Night Live completely shredded him in this hilarious skit.

The Bromance with Prime Time

Thanks to twenty-four seven sports commentary, we all have to suffer through professional and college sports that have become nothing more than trend lines.

Everyone in sports is caught up on the latest story about a topic that doesn’t matter.

Rather than focusing on a team’s abilities or a player’s amazing game day statistics and their performance, the talking heads on ESPN are doing their best to talk all about a trade that’ll never happen or a coach that may be fired a year from now.

Whatever the new shiny object is, will generally be what sports radio and commentary will focus on.

And lately that big shiny bright object has been Deion Sanders.

There’s a lot to like about Coach Sanders.

For one, he does his best to use his role to develop boys into men and teach them the value of life.

But there’s a lot about Deion Sanders that people can’t stand.

Deion always puts himself out there to be second to none in everything that he does.

And that might have been true when he was playing on the football field.

But now as a head coach, he thinks he’s the best thing since Bear Bryant.

But as we have all witnessed with Colorado football, he’s not this amazing coach everyone perceives him to be.

His team has an average record versus average teams.

There’s nothing special about Colorado football.

Even with the amazing talent Colorado received through the transfer portal, the team is still mediocre at best.

But even with the mediocracy of Colorado Football, the sports coverage has been non-stop positive, and the obsession with Deion Sanders has just continued no matter how much they lose.

Well, it looks like Saturday Night Live may finally have put Deion Sanders in his place and where he needs to be.

SNL torches Deion Sanders

Saturday Night Live has not really had many funny skits in years.

The program used to be filled with some of the best comedians like John Belushi and Eddie Murphy.

Now the best you can get is Kenan Thompson.

But this time, Kenan Thompson knocked it out of the park as he played Deion Sanders in a fake interview on Saturday Night Live.

Touching on topics related to his overhyped Colorado Football team, Kenan just torched Prime Time.

Just watch the skit for yourself.

The hype over Colorado was fun at first, but now we can all hope that it just dies down as the press coverage surrounding Deion Sanders is just getting out of control.

Is Deion Sanders a good college football coach?