David Hogg just got brutally shot down for his latest theory on gun violence

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He rose to prominence following a tragic school shooting and the tireless efforts of America’s corporate media.  He got a pass for many insane statements because of his age.

Unfortunately for him, in order to continue to generate buzz he seemingly needs to make ever-more grandiose over-the-top statements.

Now, David Hogg is getting brutally shot down for his latest theory on the root cause of gun violence.

Anti-gun crusading leftist David Hogg, is hogging the media spotlight once again.

In the latest of a long line of unhinged rants, he’s really outdone himself.

Evidently, having failed to convince doubters that the tool used to commit violent acts is responsible for them, rather than the violent offenders themselves, he’s moved onto a new target.

Gun violence is the fault of . . . who?

Writing on the social media platform X, Hogg huffed, “We will never end gun violence until white woman in the suburbs stop voting for the Republicans who are endangering our schools and communities by flooding them with guns.”

If a well-known person with conservative politics ever suggested that a certain demographic was somehow responsible for a particular problem, the blow-back would be immense.

Apparently, in Left-Wingistan, misogyny is A-OK; when they do it, it’s different.

Hogg isn’t winning over many new converts to his way of thinking, if the social media response is any indication.

A user called Snoop Bailey responded to his post, “My Mom is a white woman “living in the suburbs” who called the police last year because she saw someone messing around behind her home at night. It took 14 minutes for the police to arrive, but she wasn’t scared. She sat in her rocking chair with a AR-15 in her lap, ready to take them out if they came thru the door.”

Meghan Maureen wrote, “Hey little boy, I’m a white woman in a suburban neighborhood. Let me tell you something – want to know why there’s more guns? Your dem leaders were such tyrants with COVID it made a case for the Second Amendment or we would’ve been like China or Australia. And now? Your “amazing” President basically funded a terrorist group and now Jews in America are scared for their lives and running to get armed. Seems YOUR side is the one getting guns in hands.”

Another user, The Roaming Bandits, wrote, “Wow, we just went from “It’s the guns” to “It’s the white women in suburbs”…that escalated quickly.”

And finally, still another social media poster said, “Let’s look at where the violence is being committed.”

That is a useful and illuminating exercise.

America is chock-full of Dem-Dominated Disaster Areas

A recent poll from the New York Post found that murder rates in Democratic-run areas, including Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Richmond, Virginia; Washington, DC; and Detroit, Michigan, with soft-on-crime policies, are surging.

Not coincidentally, areas under Republican control were found to be comparatively safer with fewer killings.

In the end, Hogg has simply beclowned himself once again.

White women, just like everyone else, are well within their rights to protect themselves and their families.

Given Democrats’ “defund the police” attempts and lax prosecution eliminating deterrence, they have even more reason to exercise their right to bear arms.

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