Danica Patrick left Tucker Carlson stunned when the former NASCAR driver showed she has brains and beauty

Photo by Todd Ellis from PublicDomainPictures.net

The liberal elite would love to dismiss former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick as a pretty redneck.

Anyone who expresses conservative values and is patriotic is an idiot Trump supporter in the minds of the average liberal.

But Danica Patrick left Tucker Carlson stunned when the former NASCAR driver shared this one insight about Trump.

Tucker Carlson has successfully launched the Tucker Carlson Network (TCN) after being forced out of Fox News.

Since starting TCN, he has interviewed an array of guests without being pressured by a network executive overlord.

Recently, Carlson conducted an interview with former race car driver Danica Patrick.

Patrick made history as the first and only woman to win an IndyCar Series race with her 2008 victory in the Indy Japan 300; all of the drivers in front of her were short on fuel and couldn’t make it to the end of the race without pitting in the final laps.

She then moved onto NASCAR and became the second woman to win the pole position in a NASCAR Nationwide Series (now known as the NASCAR Xfinity Series) race.

Patrick eventually made her way to the Cup Series before retiring from motorsports competition in 2018.

In 2019, she parlayed her celebrity status into a weekly podcast called Pretty Intense.

Patrick recently sat down for an interview at Carlson’s home that quickly went viral.

In light of Patrick making mildly conservative comments, Carlson asked, “Have you been attacked? . . . You said you were attacked online.”

Patrick responded, “Yeah, well, I was super surprised by how it went when I went to the Turning Point event and when I talked about loving my country and posting these pictures. . .I went with my sister and it was just a fun few days, and I was just really surprised that people could be so angry about — and I didn’t even make a stance,” she continued. “I think everybody thinks it’s basically a Trump rally.”

Carlson mentioned the “hysteria and brain shutting down” that Democrats have whenever Donald Trump’s name is invoked.

Carlson confessed that he did not “understand” the hysteria, but Patrick offered a theory that explained Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“People are very triggered,” Patrick offered.

“But why?” Carlson wondered. “What is it about that?”

Patrick explained, “There are foundational things to our life: politics, religion. . .These are foundational to our reality, and what we’ve built our life on. And when you pull one of those out from the foundation — this is my opinion — but I think that what happens is there is an implied subconscious understanding that, when you pull out one of those building blocks, that it’s going to be a snowball effect for the rest of your life.” 

“Like, if you pull out one of those foundational elements, what else isn’t true?” she added.

Carlson responded, “Oh, it’s true.”

Patrick continued, “What else about your life isn’t going to work anymore? . . . And that is a whole — that is a global life change to pull something foundational out.”

Carlson replied, “I didn’t expect you to be the smartest professional athlete.”

That’s high praise considering Carlson’s long list of interviewees.

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