Cori Bush has resorted to her go to defense after being caught with her hand in the cookie jar

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This prominent squad member has had a privileged life and, until now, has gotten away with flagrantly breaking the rules she inflicts on everyone else.  

So in a desperate act of self-preservation, she’s falling back on her old standby and painting herself as a victim.

As expected, Cori Bush is pulling out the race card when she got caught making shady campaign payments.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) is a vocal far-leftist, but nonetheless notoriously thin-skinned.

She has a habit of taking off the wall political positions and head-scratching actions, but she pitches a fit whenever she is called out for her behavior.

Cori Bush has repeatedly called on her party to “defund the police.”

Bush: The rest of you are on your own, but I’m too important to die

But evidently Bush believes that living in fear of being a victim of violent crime is only for the suckers in the communities she’s supposed to represent.

That’s because while Bush was all in on the Democrat “defund” insanity, she spent tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money on her own security.

When she was called out for the hypocrisy of her only too eagerly spending on security personnel for herself on CBS News, she played the victim, saying, “They would rather I die? You would rather me die? Is that what you want to see? You want to see me die? You know because that could be the alternative.”

That was just too much for Georgia Congressman Jody Hice, who wrote on X, “Bush says she’s important enough to have her own private security, but the police that protect the rest of America need to be defunded. The arrogance is outmatched only by the insanity.”

Now, there’s evidence that the far-left congresswoman may be downright corrupt.

Financial records show that Bush may have improperly steered thousands of dollars to her husband and longtime security guard.

For that, she’s being investigated by the Justice Department.

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) said of the investigation, “She doesn’t even support the police. But the idea to pay her thug money to try to help protect her this and that, for what? Maybe if she wouldn’t be so loud all the time, maybe she wouldn’t be getting threats.”

Bush’s husband is a man called Cortney Merritts.

Merritts does not have a security license in St. Louis County or the city of St. Louis. 

Neither does Bush’s highest-paid security guard, Nathaniel Davis, III.

She used $750,000 of campaign funds toward security services. 

That money trail led the Department of Justice to look into how the funds were being spent.

At that point, Bush stopped categorizing payments to Merritts as security but instead filed them as “wage expenses.”

Rather than address the substance of Nehls’ argument, Bush decided instead to play the race card.

Bush: Why talk about my shady deals when this guy offended me?

Bush said of Nehls’ comments, “Absolutely ignorant, anti-black, racist, and sexist tropes by a sitting member of Congress who was a colleague I have never even met in person. But yes, I’m going to be loud. That’s OK. If I want to be loud, if I want to be quiet, that’s my prerogative. He, you know, him putting his mouth on it just shows his racism at its best from Congress.”

That’s kind of a strange thing for Bush to say when a) she just admitted to being loud, b) Nehls never mentioned race, and c) the man in question, who is Bush’s “muscle,” doesn’t even have a security license.

In the end, Bush’s indignant behavior is just deflection.

Given the Justice Department’s seeming eager prosecutions of those on the other side of the political aisle, the idea of throwing the book at a relatively small fry like Bush might be enticing for a government agency that could really use an appearance of even-handedness.

Bush better hope that both she and her husband are squeaky clean, or there may be trouble afoot.

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