CNN’s Abby Phillip just found out that she can’t speak the truth about Biden

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Most of the media seem to keep their heads in the sand when it comes to Joe Biden.

It seems the legacy media only is interested in regurgitating White House talking points.

And CNN’s Abby Phillip made one observation about Joe Biden that she can’t speak the truth about Joe Biden.

The reality of the 2024 Election

According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have virtually identical approval ratings, with 42% approving of the former President and 41% approving of the Democrat incumbent.

It’s unprecedented in American electoral history for both major parties’ Presidential nominees to have disapproval ratings above 50%, much less nearing 60% – Trump sits at 57%, while Biden is a tick higher at 58%.

In fact, since at least 1948, no President has ever been elected with so many Americans disapproving of their candidacy – per Gallup’s data, only former President George W. Bush won a second term with an approval rating below 50%, but even then, his 48% approval rating is obviously 6-7% higher than both Trump and Biden.

Of course, the idea of Trump having a high disapproval rating is nothing new for his supporters – if anything, it’s now expected as a natural byproduct of the propaganda spewed by Democrats’ media allies.

But Biden voters, on the other hand, have grown accustomed to Democrats’ media allies either ignoring the Democrat President’s high disapproval rating altogether or simply explaining it away while attempting to trash Trump to change the topic.

So needless to say, when CNN’s Abby Phillip pointed out the fact that both Trump and Biden have historically high disapproval ratings for major Presidential nominees, the woke left-wing outrage proceeded to meltdown.

In discussing the results of the New Hampshire Primary, Phillip said she believes “the first party to let go of their 80-year-old might be the victor.”

“But who’s going to be the one to move first?” Phillip said. “I think that’s where we are as a country and that’s why this is kind of an intractable problem.”

“Nobody wants Trump, nobody wants Biden, but nobody [in either party] wants to be the first to walk away from either [candidate],” she added.

Obviously, as far as CNN’s “analysis” goes, that’s about as right down the middle as they’re ever going to get – but Democrats still went bananas over Phillip’s statement of fact.

“You’re a journalist — and you said that the reality is that ‘nobody’ wants Biden?” one Biden-supporting X user fumed at Phillip. “Nobody? What’s your metric for defining ‘nobody’? Because I know a great many people who do in fact want Biden.”

Interestingly, many Democrats have obviously often repeated the claim that “nobody” wants Trump to be President due to his disapproval rating, but with Biden in a similar if not worse position, Democrats now suddenly want to engage in semantics.

In fact, left-wing social media users are so enraged that Phillip pointed reality out to them, they’re even calling for her to be “held accountable” for her words – a move that would instantly cause Democrats to cry “threat to Democracy,” had it been made by a Republican.

“And if you’re going to throw polling at me I will counter with the fact that any percentage of people who favor Biden disputes your ridiculous claim,” the X user added. “Why can’t you be held accountable for your words?”

But of all the woke extremists who were upset by Phillip’s statement of fact, none went as ballistic as the unhinged, disgraced, failed former media talking head Keith Olbermann.

While likely sitting in his basement in his underwear due to the fact that he’s completely unemployable at this point, Olbermann raged that “CNN has to address the reality that [Phillip] has been an absolute disaster and that this foot-in-mouth editorial is the first thing she’s gotten noticed for since her show debuted.”

And best of all, Phillip actually responded, suggesting that Olbermann “come to terms with the reality of your irrelevance and stop being a nasty social media troll.”

Needless to say, Olbermann didn’t have much of a response for that.

At the end of the day, though, it’s clear that Democrats are beginning to crack.

They know that putting all of their eggs in Joe Biden’s basket will likely end in catastrophe, but they seem more determined to argue against the reality of his doomed candidacy than accept that he’s simply not up to the task.

And that may very well be Democrats’ ultimate 2024 downfall.

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