Citizens are furious about their tax dollars being used to make life easy for illegal aliens

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

Most Americans work and struggle for years to make their dream of home ownership happen.

But the politicians in this state think that is just too much of a burden to put on people who have entered the U.S. illegally.

Now residents in the state of Maine are fuming after they found out about their Democrat government’s new plans to give illegal aliens a home.

Millions of dollars going to house illegals

People in the state of Maine are seething after they found out the state is spending millions of dollars on luxurious homes for illegal aliens.

The influx of cash comes while U.S.-born homeless people and Maine’s veterans continue to struggle.

So far, the state has spent approximately $34 million on shelters, hotels, and “luxury apartments” for the illegal aliens, all while Maine Veterans’ Homes and other shelters struggle to keep their doors open.

The biggest source of the anger is directed at 24 one- and two-bedroom apartments located on the edge of Brunswick that were given to 60 illegal families rent-free.

According to one resident of the new apartments, the new space is a “palace” compared to the other shelters she has stayed at in the past.

Meanwhile, families in Maine have to pay $2,300 a month for a comparable two-bedroom home nearby. 

Some of the newly built units have marble countertops and high-end appliances, and some even have balconies.

In a press conference, Republican Senate Minority Leader Trey Stewart compared the luxury homes to the Taj Mahal, a lush marble mausoleum in India.

He said, “It’s really striking to me that folks in rural Maine are being told to do more with less, while Taj Mahals are being built for other folks in more urban places that aren’t even Maine residents or Maine citizens.”

According to Maine House Minority Leader Billy Bob Faulkingham, the state’s MaineHousing Organization has already allocated over $33.2 million in emergency housing assistance for illegals.

That figure equals close to two-thirds of the state’s total housing emergency fund that could be spent housing veterans and homeless people in one of the coldest states in America, he said.

Instead, the bulk of the money has been spent on building new shelters and providing hotel rooms to illegals, including almost $14 million to house 80 illegal alien families in Saco, Maine. 

Another $4.4 million has already been spent on hotel stays in Portland, and close to $5.3 million was allocated to a separate shelter in Portland.

Faulkingham said, “Taxpayers need to know how this money is being spent. This is unacceptable.”

Part of a bigger plan

Maine’s Democrat Governor Janet Mills wants to add 75,000 illegal aliens to the state by 2029 as part of a 10-year plan to attract new workers to fill empty jobs.

Meanwhile, Representative Gary Drinkwater said one low-income Mainer has been “couch-surfing” for five years, and veterans struggle to find or keep housing.

Executives at Maine Veterans’ Homes said they were facing a $11.7 million shortfall this year and experienced a $17.1 million loss last year.

Those figures mean that almost 800 veterans and over 200 family members could lose shelter in various facilities throughout the state.

According to Drinkwater, “It’s appalling that Mainers are getting pushed to the end of the line, and asylum seekers are at the front.”

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