Chinese-owned TikTok is pushing young people to take federal jobs

Photo by Aboodi Vesakaran from Pexels

TikTok’s short-form videos have been dominating the attention of Generation Z for years.

TikTok trends often go viral to sometimes disastrous results, such as when young people were eating Tide Pods.

But now this new trend is pushing young people to work in the federal government instead of the competitive private sector, and it could impact the economy. 

TikTokers are pushing federal jobs

Several major corporations have laid off hundreds of thousands of people over the last few months, leaving hundreds of thousands of Americans in search of new employment opportunities.

According to TechCrunch research, more than 278,800 people were laid off between January 2023 and January 2024 in the tech industry alone.

Now, people are flocking to social media platforms like TikTok to learn more about job stability and where to find the best possible jobs.

Many social media influencers say that getting a job with the federal government is the ultimate goal.

People who work in a government position tend to stay there longer than those in the private sector, averaging around 4.1 years, according to January 2022 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These jobs offer an array of excellent benefits, including flexible work schedules, a minimum of 13 days per year off for sick leave, comprehensive health insurance, and retirement plans, just to name a few.

Federal government jobs also often come with student loan repayment and forgiveness programs, an enticing offering for young people looking for employment. 

Social media user @bougiebudgeter is a personal finance expert with a significant following.

Her recent video went viral after she encouraged Gen Zers to apply for federal government jobs, hitting over half a million views.

The TikToker said, “Anything which you can do [at] a private company, you can do at the federal government.”

She went on to list several different job opportunities including scientists, nurses, and administrative assistants who are all needed at various federal institutions.

“You want to be a federal government worker, especially for people who have public student loans and things like that, [because] the government gives so many great benefits, and you just have to be a public servant. You get some of the best health care. You get great overall retirement benefits… and you get a pension, too,” she added.

Many people in the comments agreed with her sentiments, with one user writing, “This!!! I’m constantly telling people the job security, health care & retirement benefits [are] unmatched.”

However, another user mentioned that private jobs pay “3x more,” and that’s why they said they left their government job “after 8+ years.”

Influencers joke about government job benefits

It’s true that federal government jobs typically offer workers many more benefits than private employment.

Yet one TikTok video that received over 2.1 million views shows the user making fun of the life of a federal government employee.

“Work’s making me take time off because I worked for one-week last month. So I’ve accrued like four months off,” he said jokingly.

Another TikTok user said they are federal government employees and are currently enjoying a vacation in Bali. 

New York-based career coach Chelsea Stokes says she sees why these jobs are “appealing for Gen Z.”

“Benefits such as a pension are appealing, especially as many job seekers are concerned about retirement and the rising cost of living,” she continued.

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