China is grinning ear to ear after Biden did one act in support of the CCP

Photo by Aboodi Vesakaran from Pexels

China has made no secrets about their desire to dominate Asia. 

But Biden is making Xi Jinping’s job easy when the President goes against the interests of the United States and our allies in Asia. 

Now China is grinning ear to ear after Biden did one act in support of the CCP.

China continues to thrive

America has always had its adversaries. 

Back in the early days of the American Republic, our nation had to deal with Britain, Tripoli, Algeria, and France. 

But the threats of these nations came and went as the United States continued to gain power and dominance in the world. 

Then came Mexico and Spain feeling their oats through the Mexican-American and Spanish-American. 

But the Spanish-speaking world still hasn’t recovered from the butt-whooping the United States dropped on them generations ago. 

Then came the Nazis and the Soviets, but both of them have been thrown into the ash heap of history thanks to the old red, white, and blue. 

The enemies of the United States have come and gone. 

But there is one enemy that doesn’t die and that’s China. 

China has been against the United States since the rise of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

And over the past 75 years, China has been a pain in America’s side as they side with our enemies and compete against us on nearly every level from military prowess to economic superiority. 

The Chinese just never seem to go away no matter what America does or who is President, as their ambitions for Asian dominance are more powerful than any sanction we throw their way. 

And for years, people have been speculating that China would take their ambitions to a totally new level by conquering Taiwan. 

This would be catastrophic for the American people as our politicians have iterated their eagerness to defend Taiwan at all costs, including military conflict with the world superpower of China. 

But Presidents like Donald Trump used the posturing of the United States military and economic power as a tool to deter China from invading Taiwan. 

Well, leave it up to feeble President Joe Biden to muck up the situation. 

CCP Biden

Taiwan just had a pivotal election where its people decided to elect a President that is taking a very aggressive approach to disconnect whatever connection is left between China and Taiwan. 

And it is custom for the President of the United States to congratulate incoming diplomats to allied states like Taiwan. 

Well, Biden has again caved to his family business buddies in the Chinese Communist Party and is refusing to congratulate Taiwan’s President elect Lai Ching-te. 

When asked about the election by the press, Biden blurted out, “We do not support independence.”

Even the Secretary of State, beta man Blinken, is willing to accept and congratulate the Taiwanese people when the Department of State released a statement saying that the election of Ching-te “once again demonstrates the strength of their robust democratic system and electoral process.”

Sooner or later the American people need to ask, who does Biden actually work for?

Does Biden put America First?