Can’t make this up! Democrat Governor blames Trump for what’s happening in his state

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The invasion of illegals is the top issue in the 2024 Presidential election.

And thanks to Joe Biden’s open door policy, we are in serious danger of having the U.S. taken over by people who don’t speak English.

But the Left is in such denial about the cause of the problem, this Democrat Governor just blamed Trump for the crisis.

Illinois Governor slams Trump on air

Democrat Illinois Governor JB Pritzker joined others on the air during CBS’s Iowa caucus coverage.

During his time on air, he stated that the surge in Venezuelan illegal aliens is former President Donald Trump’s fault.

According to Pritzker, Trump “created the chaos that’s happened in Venezuela that’s caused so many people to leave that country and seek asylum in the United States.”

He also conceded that immigration is “an important issue to people,” but “what people really care about is their own well-being, their family’s well-being,” and that the economic troubles people face are the “things that really matter to people in their personal lives.”

Not only did he blame Donald Trump for the crisis, but he also blamed the Republican party.

Pritzker continued, “People need to recognize that Democrats have been at the table looking for comprehensive immigration reform and border security for years now, literally decades. And Republicans are the ones unwilling to come to the table to negotiate and get something done. Once again, they’re backing away from the table, it appears, in Washington, D.C. So, I’m – unfortunately, I am not confident that we will see any kind of reform. And, once again, it’s the Republicans unwilling to work with the President.”

Major Garrett, CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent, asked Pritzker, “But Governor, you know that polling data reflects this, that there are Americans, even Independents, who say they can discern a difference in Biden and Trump policies when it comes to immigration, how many people come in, how many asylum claims come into the United States, either with times to report later and they just feel that the difference is so pronounced and something that they are no longer comfortable with.”

He added, “That is something that’s within the President’s ability to change. Is it not?”

But instead of Pritzker conceding to Garrett’s point, he deflected by saying that “we don’t have a head-to-head race yet” but “it would easily be pointed out that it was Donald Trump that created the chaos that’s happened in Venezuela that’s caused so many people to leave the country and seek asylum in the United States. That’s on Donald Trump.”

Pritzker holds the line

During the discussion, Pritzker continued to comment how Congress is “unwilling to work with” Joe Biden.

He also said, “I think this will be pointed out to people, and they’ll understand it’s been Donald Trump and the Republicans that have kept us from having true immigration reform.”

Garrett asked the Governor if he was saying that “President Biden can fight it to a draw or actually win on the immigration issue?”

Pritzker said he believes the issue is “one that Democrats can win on.”

He also said that “things are getting better every single day in this country.”

It looks like this Governor hasn’t actually spoken to real Americans who are suffering at the hands of the Joe Biden Administration.

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