Canadians can’t believe their police just did this to these pro-Hamas protestors

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

In 2022, Canadian truckers made international headlines after banding together and protesting in front of lawmakers in Ottawa, decrying their draconian COVID-19 measures. 

The peaceful protestors had their bank accounts frozen, and the police cracked down hard, and government agents went after participants with an iron fist. 

But now police are doing something that has Canadians furious after they saw how the government is treating these pro-Hamas protestors. 

Canadian police officers are under fire for this flagrant act of favoritism

As Israel’s war against Hamas rages on, pro-Palestinian protestors have taken to the streets, often using disruptive tactics to get their message across. 

In Toronto for example, protestors have taken to the streets, blocking busy roads while dressed in jihadist garb, shouting anti-Israel slogans. 

Rather than clear up these dangerous protests, police officers in Toronto instead brought them refreshments such as coffee, ensuring the protestors were energized and warm. 

Predictably, Canadians are furious, especially in the wake of the 2022 trucker protests, where peaceful and patriotic truckers were demonized and attacked through the levers of the government. 

In regards to the response to the anti-Israel protests, Toronto Police Service spokesperson Laurie McCann spoke out to Fox News Digital on Sunday, saying, “In regards to the coffee post on X, Our officers are managing a dynamic situation.”

She added, “Their top priority is maintaining order in a tense environment on the Avenue Road bridge.  In performing a helpful act yesterday, our officer’s motivation was to help keep tensions low and should not be interpreted as showing support for any cause or group.  Our officers continue to work to de-escalate these demonstrations and maintain calm and the public’s safety.”

However, internet users are not quick to heap praise on the actions of these police officers, with the popular @LibsofTikTok tweeting on X, “In Canada, patriotic truckers get their bank accounts frozen but pro-Palestine protesters blocking a Jewish community get hot coffee delivered to them by police.”

Rebel News publisher Ezra Levant similarly tweeted, “@TorontoPolice gives coffee and donuts to Hamas supporters. @OttawaPolice hides the identity of anti-Semitic hate criminals. They’ve both been colonized by dangerous, woke partisans.  You cannot trust the police in most Canadian cities.”

Despite the public outrage, Toronto police officers have not apologized or shown any remorse for what many Canadians are calling a flagrant show of favoritism and anti-patriotic behavior.

Canada has completely succumb to whims of the radical Left

In recent years, under the direction of President Justin Trudeau, Canada has swung to the extreme far-left. 

Drug legalization, a number of anti-gun laws, and overtly supporting those who hate Canada are just a small part of the Left’s takeover of Canada. 

However, protests like the truckers protest of 2022 are spreading like wildfire across the world, with Dutch, French, and German fighters similarly fighting back against their “woke” governments. 

Many political experts believe that Europe and Canada are reaching boiling points, expecting major political changes to come in the very near future. 

Informed American will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.