Caleb Williams is no longer a top NFL QB prospect because of this shocking demand

Photo By Pixabay from Pexels

College football used to be about team, tradition, and selfless efforts . . . now it’s all about the Benjamins.

It’s not only ruining the game but also prospective careers.

And Caleb Williams may have killed his prospects in the NFL because he has made some demands that no NFL team will accept.

Money is ruining college football

College football used to be one of America’s favorite pastimes.

A good Saturday college football game was something that could connect the generations as the oldest member and the youngest member of your family could watch and enjoy the game.

But the game we have today is nothing like what it used to be.

It’s getting to the point where the game is becoming unbearable to watch.

Most people would say today’s game of college football is worse than it was just a couple years ago.

Just five years ago, it wasn’t unthinkable to have the majority of your offense and defense stay on the same team from their freshman to their senior year.

But a couple years ago, college football opened up the transfer portal to something that has made a mockery of college football as players can come and go as they wish from team to team with little recourse.

And then with the new name, image, and likeness standards in college football now players are more worried about money than they are about the game.

You can’t really blame the players for their obsession with money and fame, as many of them come from nothing and are given everything to play high caliber football.

So when they have a couple million dollars flashed before their eyes, they’re going to take it.

But it’s just a disgrace to the game.

And now we’re seeing firsthand the repercussions of making star players in college football money-hungry.

Caleb Williams is already ending his NFL career

University of Southern California quarterback Caleb Williams is viewed by many as the best player in the upcoming NFL draft class.

Most people have him going number one in the 2024 draft.

But we just saw Caleb’s reputation take a nosedive after he threw three interceptions against Notre Dame last weekend.

And even with his horrible performance this past weekend, now everyone is learning about what Caleb is demanding from whoever drafts him.

According to stories floating around sports media, the junior USC quarterback wants partial ownership from the NFL team that drafted him.

Not only is this not allowed but this is a death wish for any chance Caleb has as being the top pick of the 2024 draft.

No team in their right mind would ever consider giving Caleb partial ownership rights, let alone any part of team ownership.

The kid is showing what happens when all a player is worried about is money.

He is about to ruin any career he has in the NFL as teams will refuse to draft him with such high demands.

If he just went into the League and showed his worth, he may have a chance to be part owner one day.

But not as an unproven rookie who chokes during big games.

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