Bill O’Reilly goes after Biden and McConnell after this illegal alien murdered a college student

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22-year-old University of Georgia student Laken Riley was allegedly brutally murdered by an illegal alien.

The illegal alien was not only a noncitizen of the United States, but he was supposed to be removed from the country.

Now conservative Bill O’Reilly has a lot to say about the incident, and he just slammed Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell for allowing it to happen.

O’Reilly speaks out

Conservative commentator, author, and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is angry about the recent revelations involving the murder of a young Georgia college student.

The female student, named Laken Riley, was discovered on campus near a lake and showed signs of sustaining blunt-force trauma.

The alleged murderer, named Jose Antonio Ibarra, is an illegal alien from Venezuela who entered the United States in 2022 and was flagged for illegal entry and removal.

Unfortunately, the Biden Administration gave Ibarra parole a year later, and he was released and given a work permit, according to U.S. immigration records. 

Now, the illegal alien faces charges including murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated battery and assault, hindering a 911 call, and concealing a death.

O’Reilly slammed President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel over their lax border policies as well as McConnell’s inability to get an illegal immigration bill passed. 

In an interview on the Just the News, No Noise show, O’Reilly said, “[Y]ou’ve got to be careful exploiting the depth of Laken Riley, just as I was very careful with Kate Steinle 10 years ago, who was killed by a migrant who had violated deportation five times. We almost had it passed, Kate’s Law, which would have made it possible for the federal authorities to incarcerate someone, anyone who comes back to this country after being deported, for a minimum of five years. Second offense, 10 years, that would have stopped a lot of this madness that we have.”

He continued, “But Mitch McConnell killed that bill, single-handedly, even though most of the Republican senators were behind it, and I don’t think the Democrats at that point would have opposed it. Now, we have a situation where you have catch and release, this man from Venezuela came across [in] 2022, didn’t ask for asylum, just snuck across, they caught him. And they let him go.”

“Evil people”

O’Reilly didn’t stop at criticizing Biden and McConnell for their weakness on illegal immigration.

He also went on to discuss how Biden’s catch-and-release policy is dangerous.

“So if you’ve got 10 million foreign nationals coming into the country, 10% of those are evil people because 10% of every group is evil. Alright, no matter what the group is one out of 10 are gonna do bad things… So now we have these people roaming around,” he said.

He also asked, “Does [Biden] care about this young woman who’s now dead? No. And he doesn’t care about all the other people who have been hurt by his open border policy. He doesn’t care. That’s the theme that should be emphasized around the country.”

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