Biden’s cronies give union thugs the right to berate women at work

Photo by City of Indianapolis | Mayor's Office, Public Domain via Flickr

Democrats have been turning their back on abuses by union thugs for years.  They ignore the corruption and violence in return for major campaign contributions.  

Joe Biden has given the union brass a pass for decades as an old-school NE Democrat.

Now Biden’s cronies on the National Labor Relations Board are encouraging some very serious and downright dangerous behavior in the workplace.

Unions are protecting bad employees

Labor unions have always had some unique protections that no other group has had.  Violence and extortion are crimes for everyone, but the union brass who are pursuing “legitimate union aims” today, those “protections” are getting out of hand.

Biden’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has now given workers the go-ahead to insult their fellow employees with demeaning, explicit language.

In a traditional work environment, doing such things would get a person fired, but not according to the NLRB.

New York City is at the center of one such example where an NLRB Judge issued an opinion that forced Amazon to rehire a worker they had previously fired at their Staten Island warehouse.

The ruling took place on January 29 after Amazon had already fired the worker in 2020 for launching a loud, vulgar tirade against another coworker.

The fired employee used a bullhorn so everyone could hear him.

He began yelling at his coworkers through the bullhorn, calling them names like “gutter b—h,” “crackhead,” “crack ho,” and “queen of the slums” just to name a few.

The entire incident was live-streamed and sparked outrage from people across the country, prompting Amazon to fire the abrasive employee.

Most companies would have done the same thing, especially if they wanted to protect their workers from such behavior.

However, in this case, the firing of the abusive employee was just the start of the debate after union allies quickly filed charges against Amazon.

But it wasn’t until two years later, once Biden took power, that the NLRB filed a lawsuit for an injunction against the company.

Republican leaders at the House and Senate labor committees wrote a letter to the NLRB’s general counsel, writing that the action was intentional and that it was taken “a week before a union election” at the warehouse on Staten Island.

The letter mentioned that the decision was “an attempt to unduly influence  the outcome of the election,” and not surprisingly, the union won by a narrow vote.

NLRB holds the line

Despite the timing of the lawsuit, the NLRB said that the aggressor was perfectly within his rights to call his female coworker a barrage of offensive slurs.

The reason the NLRB gave was because he was participating in a “union protest.”

Not only is Amazon now forced to rehire the abusive worker, but they must also give him back pay – several years later.

Since Biden was elected, the President has packed the NLRB board with pro-union activists and allies, creating a bad outcome for workers.

The board has sent the case back to court several times to ensure that they receive the result they desire.

One Federal Judge said that the NLRB took an “often cavalier and enabling approach” toward the “demeaning conduct” of the abusive Amazon employee.

Sadly, none of this matters as long as Biden’s unions continue to reap the benefits, although the NLRB once refused to protect abusive employees like this one.

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