Biden’s Border Patrol can’t stop the flow of fentanyl and drugs. But they are on alert to keep the green agenda going

Photo by Ozzy Trevino, Public Domain via Picryl

The southern border is wide open with illegal aliens, drugs, and guns for the cartels flowing unimpeded.

But the Border Patrol was quick to pounce on this California man who was bringing something from Mexico that the environmentalists hate.

So now we know that Biden’s border agents are able to stop certain items at the border when it goes against the green agenda.

Man charged with smuggling greenhouse gases

Yes, you read the headline right: a California man is the very first person in the U.S. to be charged with illegally smuggling greenhouse gases into the country.

Michael Hart of San Diego, CA was arrested under the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act of 2020.

The law prohibits people from importing hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) without obtaining the proper permits from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

HFCs are vital for effective building insulation, air conditioners, refrigerators, aerosols, and fire extinguishing systems, but they have been largely banned by the feds and that means people have to buy brand new appliances when the HFC runs out.

Environmental alarmists claim that HFCs are major contributors to climate change and global warming, but when they banned HFCs, they didn’t factor in the cost that people have to buy all new stuff when U.S. stockpiles of HFCs run out.

The Department of Justice says that Hart purchased the refrigerants in Mexico and then drove back in his vehicle, hiding them under a tarp and some tools to smuggle them back into the U.S.

Once he re-entered the country, he posted the items for sale on platforms like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and other selling sites so people don’t have to throw out their appliances.

According to David Uhlmann of the EPA, “The illegal smuggling of hydrofluorocarbons… undermines international efforts to combat climate change under the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.”

The Kigali Amendment is an agreement that the United States and other countries have signed that calls to phase out HFCs at a rate of 80 to 85 percent by 2047.

The indictment says that Hart allegedly imported HCFC 22 into the country, which is regulated under the Clean Air Act.

Although Mexico also plans to phase out the pollutant, it has a longer timetable than the U.S. since it is classified as a developing country.

Hart entered a not-guilty plea

Michael Hart has already appeared in federal court where he was arraigned and entered a not-guilty plea.

His next hearing will be before U.S. District Judge Jeffrey T. Miller for a motion hearing and trial on March 25, 2024.

According to Assistant Attorney General Todd Kim of the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, “It is illegal to import certain refrigerants into the United States because of their documented and significantly greater contribution to climate change. We are committed to enforcing the AIM Act and other laws that seek to prevent environmental harm.”

Chad Plantz, special agent in charge for HSI in San Diego, said, “This case and subsequent arrest is a great example of multiple agencies collaborating to arrest an individual who allegedly smuggled illegal goods into the U.S. that harm our environment. We remain committed to keeping these dangerous toxins from depleting our ozone.”

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