AOC is spitting mad because she is finally getting called out

Photo by Ståle Grut CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

AOC and the “Squad” have enjoyed the celebrity treatment reserved for radical progressives.

While the liberal media treats Alexandria Ocasio Cortez with kid gloves, many of her constituents have had it with her progressive policies that are making their lives miserable.

So, when AOC got this news, she threw a complete hissy fit and was left spitting mad.

Democrat Congresswoman and Squad leader Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is now facing a primary challenge from a New York City businessman.

Enough is enough

Her opponent is running because he says he has had enough of AOC’s brand of far-left “radicalism.”

He recently announced he is running to unseat the three-term congresswoman, and he didn’t mince words regarding how he feels about the radical congresswoman and others like her in his party.

The opponent, Marty Dolan, is a Wall Street investor who grew up in New York City and received his MBA from Harvard University.

Dolan’s campaign website also notes that he is an avid golfer and writer who also enjoys restoring old homes.

When Dolan announced his candidacy for New York’s 14th Congressional District, he said he hopes to restore sanity to his party, which he said has veered too far to the Left with people such as AOC representing New Yorkers.

“I am excited to formally announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for New York’s 14th Congressional District,” Dolan posted on his campaign website.

“The June 25th, 2024, primary will be a referendum: Are we better or worse off from following radical policies?” he asked.

Dolan added that “progressives” such as Ocasio-Cortez are “radicals whose influence on the Democratic Party is overweight.”

He also pointed out the failure of many modern Democrat Party leaders to do anything to keep people in New York safe.

“The impact in NYC is obvious: bail reform a disaster, the National Guard in the subway, toothpaste locked up in drugstores but criminals running free, scarce resources directed to (non-sanctuary) immigrants coming from all over the world,” Dolan said.

More than 500,000 taxpayers have fled the Big Apple

“These difficulties must be addressed in the context of a runaway $34 trillion federal debt and NYC’s 14% marginal tax rate,” Dolan added. “Regional tax inequality is far more exaggerated in the USA than in any other country.”

Dolan also pointed out that New York City progressives have sent 500,000 former NYC taxpayers packing in recent years, which he called “unsustainable.”

“The radicals can’t deliver more than breadcrumbs when they ignore that the primary breadwinners are leaving and brush off taxpayer concerns in favor of abstract populist ideologies,” Dolan said, in a shot at the “tax the rich” rhetoric from Ocasio and her ilk.

Dolan then said, “Enough is enough.”

Dolan also seems eager to try and bring back sanity to how Democrats handle and write policy. 

For example, he pleaded with New Yorkers to honor the country’s founders, who he said “left us the blueprint.”

“We have just drifted off course.”

“We also urgently need to ‘reset’ our society’s income inequality and harmonize regional differences in social policy,” Dolan stated. “We call our approach the ‘Hamilton Plan v. 2.0’ in honor of one of our greatest New Yorkers, Alexander Hamilton, who forged the independent colonies into a great republic.”

Dolan may face a tough road in a party that’s become infamous for trying to erase the very Founders he so clearly applauds.

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