Another long-time chain restaurant is pulling out of this California city

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Major retailers, small businesses, and iconic restaurants are pulling out of the state of California in droves.

These are companies that have been part of the California landscape for decades, but they can’t take the lawlessness and burdens placed on them by the government.

Just to bring this point home, this long-time restaurant chain is pulling out of this California city for good.

Denny’s leaves Oakland

Denny’s is a popular restaurant chain that has earned the namesake “America’s Diner.”

But the breakfast hotspot is permanently closing its Oakland, California location after 54 years in operation.

The restaurant, which was located at 601 Hegenberg Road, is now permanently closed, citing concerns about the high crime rate in the city.

According to the company, “Denny’s has been honored to serve the Oakland community over the last 54 years. Closing a restaurant location is never an easy decision or one taken lightly. However, the safety and well-being of Deny’s team members and valued guests is our top priority. Weighing those factors, the decision has been made to close this location.”

The “official” company statement was made in the form of a letter posted on the front door of the restaurant, and employees were told about the closure shortly before it went into effect.

Denny’s has one other restaurant in the Bay Area located in Emeryville, California.

The Oakland restaurant has seen plenty of crime activity including robberies, car break-ins, and a spate of violent crimes.

Denny’s closure comes after In-N-Out announced plans to close its Oakland location in March due to the very same reason.

This is the first time in the burger chain’s 75-year history that it has been forced to close its doors. 

Many local leaders and civil rights activists are blaming the city’s lax policies for the closures, including activist Seneca Scott, who said it was “hard to keep up” after Denny’s closed.

Scott also called for the recall of Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao.

Local news outlet KTVU talked to some of Denny’s last customers.

Customer Aloy Ekane told the outlet, “I feel so bad for Oakland because it’s like everybody’s leaving. Oh yeah, I eat here all the time, sometimes [at] midnight. I come here and eat, because [in the] last few years, it was quite good. Just a good place. I feel so bad that they’re leaving, you know?”

The closures are “overwhelming”

Another Oakland resident named Jeff Lee said he visits Denny’s every Wednesday with his mother and brother to enjoy breakfast together.

“Terrible that Oakland’s like this. This is probably the oldest business on the block, and it’s closing down. It’s sad,” Lee said.

He also added that he just “shakes [his] head because of all the crime going on.”

Customer Jerry McComb told KTVU, “It’s overwhelming, it is, because I’ve been coming here for years.”

Several other restaurants near Oakland’s airport have also closed, including Subway, Black Bear Diner, and Starbucks.

But sadly, this is what happens when you live in an area that’s way too soft on crime. 

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