Andy Reid just dropped the best story about how Guy Fieri and a cheeseburger may have changed NFL history forever

Photo by RightCowLeftCoast, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia,

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s love of cheeseburgers is legendary.

So when he starts talking about a burger, you better listen.  

And Andy Reid just dropped the best story about how Guy Fieri and a cheeseburger may have changed NFL history forever.

Andy Reid runs on cheeseburgers

Everyone has something they are good and passionate about.

For some of us, we may be avid hunters, golfers, or fishermen.

Others may be dedicated couch potatoes who love to watch sports and drink beer.

But Andy Reid, the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, has one true passion outside of football: cheeseburgers. 

Sure, he might be the head coach of the greatest football franchise in modern history, but when you break down what Andy Reid really loves, it’s a cheeseburger.

He uses cheeseburgers as a way to motivate his way to success on the gridiron. 

Many have reported that Andy Reid treats himself to a delicious burger when his team has a good practice at training camp. 

And even during the season, the big man uses a nice juicy cheeseburger to celebrate his team’s success. 

He made sports headlines after winning the AFC Championship in 2020 when he told the press that he celebrated the victory by “having a cheeseburger and went to bed.”

Even after winning Super Bowl LIV later that year against the San Francisco 49ers, Coach Reid made sure to show some love to his favorite entree. 

He told the world that he was going to celebrate the biggest victory of his career saying, “I’m going to get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen… might be a double.”

That’s when fans knew that Andy Reid was a national treasure that needed to be protected at all costs. 

Well, come to find out, there is a lot more behind the story of cheeseburgers fueling Andy Reid’s Super Bowl successes.  

Did Guy Fieri’s burger win Super Bowl LVIII?

Coach Reid just dropped a story no one ever knew about cheeseburgers, Guy Fieri, and prepping for Super Bowl LVIII.

While on the Y’s Guys Podcast, Coach Reid was asked where the best place was in Kansas City to grab a cheeseburger. 

That’s when the legendary coach told the world about how Guy Fieri made him and his staff the best cheeseburgers on earth before Super Bowl LVIII.

He started by saying, “We were practicing at the Raiders facility there and Guy has a restaurant—he’s got a few restaurants—out in Las Vegas, where he went to UNLV. So, he called me and he said, ‘Hey, I want to bring you and your coaches over some cheeseburgers.’ “I never turn a cheeseburger down. So, I said, ‘All right, bring it on.’”

Coach Reid continued the story by adding, “So he brought over a bunch of cheeseburgers for myself and the coaches. That was like the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had. I’ve got to talk to him and see what the recipe was.”

That’s a massive compliment for Guy Fieri to have Andy Reid admit that he has made the best burger Coach Reid ever put in his mouth. 

As long as there are burgers to eat, Andy Reid will still keep winning games.