Alec Baldwin’s former co-worker wants to see him locked up

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Like most celebrities, Alec Baldwin loves attention, but he has been shying away from the press lately.

He has serious legal issues in New Mexico relating to the tragic death of a woman on his movie set.

And now it turns out his former co-worker hopes he is convicted of the crime and wants him locked up and spending time in jail.

Former Rust armorer wants Alec Baldwin jailed

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was an armorer on the set for the film Rust, which was slated to star actor Alec Baldwin.

Sadly, an accidental shooting on the set killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and Gutierrez-Reed was recently sentenced to 18 months in jail for involuntary manslaughter.

According to court documents filed by special prosecutors in the upcoming involuntary manslaughter trial against Baldwin, Gutierrez-Reed expressed deep contempt for the star based on previous phone calls.

The armorer said she believes it is unfair to have the death of Hutchins fall solely on her shoulders, and she even admitted that she wanted to see Baldwin “in jail.”

The court documents outline the prosecutor’s objection to Gutierrez-Reed’s request for a conditional discharge, which would have given her probation instead of a prison sentence.

Those documents did not contain transcripts of any phone calls with family members or others, but they did provide a summary of the conversations.

Prosecutors used her prison calls to push the argument that the former armorer displayed a “total failure to accept responsibility” for the incident.

Gutierrez-Reed accidentally put live ammunition in the prop gun that Baldwin was using while on the set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2021, and it discharged, killing Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

According to several conversations, Gutierrez-Reed allegedly called the prosecutor a “b-tch” and referred to some members of the jury as “a-holes.”

She also said that she was “mad that the whole thing got pinned on her.”

Another summary of a separate phone call said she hoped the prosecutors “put Alec Baldwin in jail also.”

Yet another summary said, “Hannah says that if she is subpoenaed to Baldwin’s trial she will not show up.”

Gutierrez-Reed’s lawyer defends the phone calls

The now-former armorer’s attorney, Jason Bowles, told People that his client’s words were cherry-picked during a time when she was undergoing heavy distress.

Bowles said, “It’s really unfair to characterize or cherry-pick comments someone may or may not have made while they were upset and very recently incarcerated.”

“But, many aspects of this prosecution have displayed no concern for fairness in favor of a win-at-all-costs attitude,” he added.

Recently, Gutierrez-Reed invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to testify after Baldwin’s lawyers put her on a witness list.

She plans to appeal her previous conviction and doesn’t want to incriminate herself, but prosecutors have now asked the court to force her to testify on grounds of “use immunity,” which protects her from using anything she says under oath in any future court hearings and proceedings.

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