After visiting the border, Bret Weinstein warns Americans that this looks like a military incursion

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Polls show that Americans are furious at the Biden Administration’s handling of the border.

Many suspect that the situation is much worse than the media is telling us.

But Bret Weinstein is warning things may get a lot worse in an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson.

Demographics of illegal migrants are flipping to favor single adults

The U.S. border with Mexico has been a focal point of conversation in politics ever since Joe Biden took office. 

Many conservative pundits have used the term “invasion” to describe the situation, and it’s difficult not to see it that way. 

Prior to the Biden Administration, the media specifically spoke about child migrants, but these days there’s a different demographic mix.

According to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), in 2019, the number of migrants coming over in a “family unit” outweighed the number of “single adults.” 

Their statistics show over 500,000 in a family unit versus approximately 400,000 single adults. 

But in 2020 and beyond, the percentage of those coming in a family unit has declined dramatically.

In 2022, there were over 1.5 million single adults that crossed the southern border and just above 500,000 have come in a family unit.

Now, Bret Weinstein just suggested a theory as to what is happening in our country.

“This migration doesn’t appear…to be just one thing”

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Bret Weinstein on his show to discuss the topic of immigration and a recent trip to the Darien Gap. 

The biologist was invited by international journalist Michael Yon to tour several transit camps in the area surrounding Darien. 

Weinstein’s assessment was that this is something more than a “friendly migration.”

“This migration doesn’t appear to me to be just one thing,” he told Carlson, describing the circumstances at two separate camps. 

The first camp that he visited was in a town called San Vincente. 

Weinstein said that the environment at San Vincente was warm and welcoming. 

The migrants were happy to discuss their travel and what brought them to make the trek. 

Almost all of them were seeking new economic opportunities.

But the second camp was in an area called Canaan Membrillo.  

This area camp was not an official “town” but rather a makeshift camp “built of containers and various objects to house people.” 

But it wasn’t the architecture that stood out at Canaan Membrillo—it was the people.

Weinstein said that the second camp was “almost entirely Chinese”, and they were far from hospitable to outsiders, let alone American journalists. 

“The rule that you’re able to go in and walk around and talk to people is not in evidence,” he said, adding that the Panamanian border control was restricting entrance.

The biologist said that not only were they not allowed to enter the camp, but they were also prohibited from photographing it. 

Weinstein says that all photos his team took were “taken covertly.”

Military aged Chinese men were “the opposite of forthcoming”

Weinstein said that at the first camp there was a strong mix of families with children that were making the trip. 

But in contrast at Canaan Membrillo the camp was “overwhelmingly” military-aged Chinese men. 

These Chinese migrants were also “the opposite of forthcoming.” 

Yon brought Weinstein to a local market outside the camp where they were better able to interact with some of these migrants. 

While visiting the market, they had one Chinese national trying to trick them by speaking Korean, but Yon was able to trick him into speaking Chinese.

Weinstein says that he’s “been to places where people fear their government,” and he didn’t believe that was what was happening. 

These people were there on a mission, and they had an agenda that they didn’t want Weinstein and Yon to know about—according to the interview.

The suggestion that this is not a “friendly migration” is an understatement. 

Weinstein is deeply concerned about the group, and he was not shy about it in his interview.

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