Adam Schiff’s ties to Trump’s sham conviction could land him in hot water

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Adam Schiff has been leading the Democrats’ charge to take down Donald Trump for eight years.

He routinely went on television and repeatedly lied about having evidence that Trump and Russia were colluding about election interference in 2016.

But now it turns out that Schiff has ties to Trump’s sham conviction that could land him in hot water.

Adam Schiff linked to Judge Merchan’s daughter

The rigged jury in former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial delivered a preordained guilty verdict.

George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and President Joe Biden donor Judge Juan Merchan engineered a conviction against Trump.

As soon as the verdict was announced, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) was fundraising off Trump’s conviction for his Senate campaign in California.

Schiff’s attempt to cash in immediately raised questions about his relationship with Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter.

Merchan’s daughter runs Authentic Campaigns, a powerhouse political fundraising firm allied with Democrat Party candidates around the country.

Schiff is among one of Authentic Campaigns’ high-profile clients.

The conflicted Judge Merchan

Trump’s lawyers attempted to remove Merchan from the case for his obvious conflict of interests.

Merchan donated to an anti-Trump PAC, and his daughter profits off Democrats raising money on Donald Trump’s legal travails.

And the lawfare against Trump was the result of Democrat prosecutors trying to interfere in the 2024 Election.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung ripped Merchan for presiding over a case that his family openly profited from.

Cheung declared, “Authentic Campaigns, and thus the judge’s daughter, is actively making money from this sham attack against President Trump, rendering Judge Merchan conflicted out.”

He added, “The judge should do the right thing and immediately recuse himself in order to show the American people that the Democrats have not destroyed our justice system completely … him continuing to be involved in this Crooked Joe Biden-directed Witch Hunt is a complete violation of applicable rules, regulations and ethics.”

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) also tore into Judge Merchan.

Vance said on Fox News, “Why was a Judge whose family has gotten rich off of Democrat Party fundraising allowed to preside over this thing in the first place? We cannot just sit on our hands. We have to be willing to fight back. We should be subpoenaing Judge Merchan and his daughter.”

The fact that Schiff enthusiastically bolted out the gate to raise money off the Trump verdict provided even more evidence to back up the argument that these criminal charges were part of Democrat plot to influence the 2024 election.

Schiff and his campaign had zero concern about the optics of fundraising off of Trump’s conviction in New York.

That was in spite of Schiff’s connections to Merchan’s daughter.

Because Democrats have absolutely no shame when it comes to double standards.

They have convinced themselves of their moral rectitude, so all of their actions are justified in their minds.

And they have a compliant Democrat-controlled media to back them up every step of the way.

Everyone who is not a partisan Democrat can see this whole hush money fiasco was not on the level.

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