A top Ukrainian official just admitted the one dark secret they never want Americans to hear

Photo by Алесь Усцінаў from Pexels

More Americans are starting to question their support for the ongoing war in Ukraine.

But once this story breaks, it could end U.S. taxpayer funding for the war.

And this top Ukrainian official just admitted a dark secret they never wanted Americans to know.

Ukraine was the latest virtue signaling trend to support

Most Americans like to support the little guy.

In sports, our favorite stories are when little David beats the giant Goliath.

And once our sympathies are stoked, it is tough to turn our back on the “little guys.”

But sometimes, we lose our common sense and demand that our government turn into basically something like Orwell’s Big Brother.

But once the dust settles and people realize what is going on, the support for the government’s crusade greatly diminishes.

Now this is happening for the support of the Ukrainian War.

When the Russian started to invade Ukraine, the vast majority of Americans cheered on Ukraine as they defended their homeland.

Their fight for control and autonomy over their land was seen by many Americans as a just one when it started.

Endless war = Endless tax Dollars

But multi-billions of dollars later and Americans are questioning if this war is worth bankrupting the United States.

For those counting, the United States taxpayer has given Ukraine over seventy-five billion dollars so far for their war against Russia.

Yes, we like to support the oppressed, but there is little to no strategic advantage in this conflict for the U.S.

The people who should be forking out the majority of the funding should be the people of Ukraine and Europeans worried about a Russian expansion.

But as more Americans become lukewarm about their support for Ukraine, our politicians in Washington, D.C. keep sending billions of dollars over with every spending bill.

But it looks like whatever support the American people have for Ukraine may be drying up, especially once this story hits the airways.

Kyrylo Budanov, who is head of Ukraine’s intelligence agency, told reporters earlier this month that he thinks it’s possible that a peace treaty is never signed with Russia.

Let that sink in.

Budanov claimed, “The Russians will not sign any agreements with Ukraine… this scenario is very likely here. There are instances in history where longstanding wars between states have remained legally unresolved. A clear example is the situation between the Russian Federation and Japan.”

Hope the American people are ready to continue to fund Ukraine’s military for the next three, five, or ten plus years.

Because as long as this war is going on, elites on both sides of the political aisle will continue to force you to fund their war.

So while companies like Lockheed Martin are getting rich from your tax dollars, at least you can feel good knowing that your tax dollars are funding an endless war.

Should the United States force Ukraine to sign a peace treaty?