A Democrat Sheriff in New York just issued a dire warning about illegal aliens

Photo by Javier Leal from Pexels

Democrats like to virtue signal about how they love illegal aliens, but they keep their heads buried in the sand about the humanitarian crisis Biden has created.

Even some left-leaning Democrats are getting fed up with the issue and starting to sound the alarm.

Now one Democrat Sheriff in New York state just issued a warning about the illegal alien crisis, and it’s pretty dire.

Sheriff says the illegal alien situation is extremely serious

Clinton County, NY Sheriff David Favro, a Democrat, appeared on a broadcast of Fox New Channel’s show Fox & Friends First, where he had plenty to say about the illegal alien problem.

The Sheriff talked about issues with illegals crossing the northern border, saying that “from a law enforcement perspective, we know that if Congress today were to totally close the border and stop this illegal migration into our country, it would take a couple of years for us to be able to get back onto our feet, and that’s a very optimistic look at it, probably upwards of five or six years.”

Favro said that when he is speaking specifically from a law enforcement point of view, they are “seeing a significant increase in numbers and people that are incredibly desperate, and we all know what happens when people are desperate, they’ll do just about anything to accomplish their own personal goals.”

He also mentioned that there was a big nor’easter headed his way, and while his area was not planning to see a lot of snow, they were “starting to experience much more significant cold than we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. In the nighttime, it’s down into the teens. And with temperatures like that, you’re not going to survive out in the cold very well unless you’re fully equipped for it with insulated gloves, boots, hats, jackets.”

“These people don’t come prepared… And they’re out in the middle of the woods with – unfortunately, we’ve seen tragedies in the past with waterways that pass through those woods, and if they’re not familiar with navigating that terrain, you can end up like one [un]suspecting individual did…drowning,” he continued.

The Sheriff also noted that “None of this humane. There’s no doubt about it, and it certainly was not well planned.”

Attacks on law enforcement raise more concerns

While Favro’s warning pertained to the difficulties the nation faces as a whole, he also raised the issue of recent attacks on law enforcement officials by illegals.

“And what we saw recently, with the attack on our colleagues in law enforcement down in New York City was just repulsive, and it’s somewhat alarming that our government can stand by and watch something like that happen and think that it’s in any way remotely acceptable and not going to continue to be a larger future problem,” the sheriff continued.

He also discussed the issue of illegals crossing from Canada into the U.S.

Favro said, “You have individuals coming from foreign countries that have significant amounts of money. So those families can afford to pay for transportation. They can actually take them, get a plane ride and fly right into Montreal and then work their way down to the border. And many others are being smuggled. Many others are ending up with package deals that they can buy from the cartels, upwards of $10,000-12,000, to be able to give them maps to get themselves up through the landline from Mexico, all the way up here to Canada.” 

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